World Poker Tour Signs Asian Licensing Deal with Ourgame International


World P<span id="more-12660"></span>oker Tour Signs Asian Licensing Deal with Ourgame International

The MGM Grand Sanya has hosted the WPT National Asia poker tournament for the past three years.

The World Poker Tour is taking steps to increase its presence in Asia by signing a licensing and promotional contract with Ourgame Global.

Ourgame and the WPT have worked together in the past, including having partnered to generate the WPT National China poker tournament.

Ourgame is a card that is online board game company with a strong presence in lots of Asian areas.

Beneath the terms of the agreement, Ourgame may have the exclusive right to make use of the WPT logo and trademarks in over a dozen Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The offer also includes a deal that is non-exclusive Japan. The licensing agreement will be in effect for seven years.

WPT Hopes to Expand Footprint in Asia

‘The World Poker Tour has worked difficult to expand its footprint throughout Asian territories over the final several years with much success,’ said WPT President Adam Pliska. ‘A big element of this success was considering our strong partnership that is working Ourgame, who established WPT National China at MGM Grand Sanya.’

‘By working together with Ourgame to expand the WPT brand in Asia, we are assuring that the recent growth that is strong of WPT in the area will continue for numerous a long time,’ he included.

The ability to use one of the world’s most powerful poker brands as they work to expand their reach through the region for Ourgame, the move gives the company.

‘As Asia’s leading card and game platform, we are extremely pleased to have discovered a great international partner in the World Poker Tour, we have worked together not to just establish WPT National China as one of the largest and a lot of influential poker events in Asia, but also introduced world-class poker tournaments to the fast-expanding Chinese poker community. as we start to expand from China to Asia,’ said Ourgame CEO Frank Ng. ‘Over the past three years,’

The WPT’s brand and worldwide experience will be a significant asset to us as we expand overseas, and we have every confidence that people will together attain even more success in Asia.’

China Could Be Major Development Market for Poker

Asia, and China in particular, are required to be growth that is big for poker in the coming years.

Which will come being a surprise for some, considering the gambling that is restrictive in place in mainland China that normally send Chinese gamblers to Macau or other destinations whenever they wish to place their bets.

However the WPT has handled to launch one or more major poker tournament on the mainland, one which has quite an interesting story behind it. For a long time, Asia didn’t have much of a poker scene, at least not just one that played the kinds of games you’d find at the World number of Poker.

Instead, Chinese gamblers played a game known as tractor poker, a two deck game with jokers in which players tried to win tricks, as in bridge or spades.

Wanting access to China, the WPT effectively won a permit to televise the National Tractor Poker Tournament in the national country starting in 2007. Around the same time, Macau casinos started offering Texas Hold’em and other conventional types of poker, raising interest in those games through the entire region.

In 2012, the WPT was granted permission by the China Leisure Sports Administration to change their tournament to a no-limit hold’em format: a change that has now remained in destination for days gone by three years.

Las Vegas Soccer Stadium Approved by City Council

An artist’s rendition of the way the finished vegas soccer arena may look. The record handle foe the nevada activities books during the World Cup suggests there may be considered a appetite that is huge soccer in Las Vegas. (Image:

Major League Soccer in Las Vegas moved one step closer towards the goal line this as the Las Vegas City Council voted 4-3 to approve subsidies for a controversial $200 million stadium project that hopes to entice the sport to the city week.

The City Council has agreed to contribute $25 million towards the construction of this 24,000-seat venue in Symphony Park, plus a further $31.5 million on improving infrastructure at the web site.

Meanwhile, the developers will contribute $133.5 million toward construction costs and will cover the price of acquiring the franchise, which is anticipated to top $100 million.

According to, Justin Findlay, managing partner of co-developers Findlay Sports and Entertainment, the stadium would take 18 to a couple of years to build.

Should Las Vegas maybe not be chosen by MLS as an expansion group in advance, the stadium would not be built.

Mixed Feelings

Despite a real desire to have a major league team in Las vegas, nevada, reactions to the idea of a soccer team have been mixed, primarily due to issues about the cost to the taxpayer, and maybe partly because People in the us aren’t completely sure whether they love soccer sufficient yet, a component that could affect the profitability of the venture.

However, the Las Vegas recreations books will always a better indicator of the general public mood in the things than any survey ever could possibly be, and the record handle taken at the World Cup in June indicate a Las Vegas appetite for soccer, and betting on it, is huge.

The sports books reported the biggest handle ever recorded throughout the month of June, frequently the slowest period of the 12 months. Some large sports books in the Strip also reported ‘NFL Football-like’ crowds viewing Team USA fits.

The City Council has been negotiating the stadium deal with development partners Cordish Cos. and Findlay Sports and Entertainment since final May, however the concept of a downtown stadium has been around the pipeline for years, and Mayor Carolyn Goodman, one of its most vocal proponents, said it’ll create jobs and boost development that is economic.

Forward Thinking

‘ Our charge is to help the downtown sustain a viability as a place to come to,’ she said. ‘We’re forward thinking and none of us like the status quo. You can’t go backwards.’

MLS was quick to issue a statement praising the council’s decision. ‘We applaud Mayor Goodman therefore the Las Vegas City Council for approving the measure to guide a public-private partnership to build a new soccer stadium in downtown Las Vegas,’ it stated. ‘We look forward to continuing the Cordish Company to our discussions and Findlay Sports & Entertainment regarding a potential expansion team for Las Vegas.’

Plus it is probably not the actual only real major sports team winging its way to Las vegas, nevada quickly.

MGM Resorts International is thought as in initial talks by having a team that really wants to bring A national Hockey League Team to Las Vegas to play at its $350 million new sports arena.

The 20,000-seater MGM-AEG Arena is currently under construction behind New York nyc and is likely to be finished in early 2006.

Sam Nazarian Granted Gaming License Despite Checkered History

Sam Nazarian, whom was awarded a gaming license by the skin of his teeth; but he will need to have nothing doing because of the day-to-day running of this casino. (Image:

Sam Nazarian, the person who redeveloped the Sahara in to the boutique casino resort SLS Las vegas, nevada, had been awarded a small gaming license on Thursday following a three-hour grilling by the Nevada Gaming Control Board about his private life and company deals.

The LA nightclub mogul was indeed anticipated to be refused a license following disclosures during a recent routine hearing that he had lied about cocaine usage and had made around $3 million in payments to a man called Derrick Armstrong, a shadowy figure with a history that is criminal.

A number of this money had discovered its method to convicted racketeering criminal Suge Knight, the founder of Death Row records, investigators discovered.

In one particularly surreal minute during Thursday’s hearing, Armstrong actually turned up demanding to address the Gaming Commission himself, but had been arrested outside the building on suspicion of grand theft and passing bad checks.

Drug Abuse

As owner of a ten percent stake in SLS, Nazarian is necessary by legislation to possess a gaming license, as does anybody who owns more than 5 % of a casino in Nevada.

Three of the four-member Control Board panel said they had initially prepared to deny a permit but softened their stance during the hearing, awarding a one-year limited gaming permit with a raft of conditions, one of which stipulated that Nazarian must refrain from involving himself in the day-to-day management regarding the casino.

He also needs to undergo drug-testing that is regular.

Nazarian apologized to the Control Board for his dishonesty about his drug-taking and admitted previous use of ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis in which he is seeking help from a substance abuse expert in LA.

‘It’s maybe not been easy looking into the mirror,’ Nazarian told the hearing. ‘I apologize to the gaming agents for not candid that is being. I also apologize to the board people. ‘My parents are disappointed, however they are really supportive,’ he added.

The Nazarian family, which left its indigenous Iran for the usa in the wake associated with Iranian revolution, is one of the richest Mizrahi Jewish families in the world, with an estimated fortune of $2 billion.

Extortion Claim

Nazarian said in a hearing that is previous his relationship with Armstrong, who was convicted of drug offenses and money laundering, was based on extortion.

Nazarian said he met Armstrong in 1999 as he employed him to customize his assortment of exotic cars.

Armstrong then borrowed money from Nazarian to open a motor automobile shop, before demanding $1 million more while threatening to harm or embarrass him.

Nazarian reported the threats towards the police in 2005 but continued payments that are making until 2013.

‘All I request is a chance to regain your trust,’ Nazarian said. ‘You have my dedication, and I apologize for the mistakes we made.’

‘I want the board in this investigation to drive you crazy,’ responded Tony Alamo, chairman of Gaming Commission, who admitted this he had ‘never been this close’ to a vote for denial in six years in the task. ‘I think during this limited duration we’ve given you enough rope to hang yourself.’

Gaming Commissioner John Moran Jr said: ‘I’ve paid attention to you today and you swayed me a bit. I wish to put enough conditions that you don’t mess up. on you so’


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