The partners must be


The partners must be

Bye by Thursday, “said Ariane Friedrich and disappeared into the catacombs of the stadium. Previously, the Olympic seventh had also congratulated Meike Kröger on reaching the finals , 92 m long Olympic runner-up when leaving the hotel room a bleeding wound on the door frame. According to father and trainer Josko Vlasic, this had to be medically treated in the hospital. In the end, it did not seem a handicap. Source:, sid “It was not enough: Ariane Friedrich. (Photo: dapd) The German high jumper Ariane Friedrich does not make it to the final of the Olympic Games. Skipped 1.93 meters is not enough for the 28-year-old from Frankfurt to reach the medal round.

For the third place in the 2009 World Cup, this was the season’s best. High jumper Ariane Friedrich missed the finals at the Olympic Games in London despite a season best of 1.93 meters. The German record holder and third place in the 2009 World Cup failed to qualify three times at a height of 1.96 m. The final battle will take place on Saturday from 8 p.m. After her Achilles tendon rupture in December 2010 and her return to the indoor season 2012, Friedrich had attacked the German London standard of 1.95 meters in vain since the end of May. The 2009 European indoor champion was nominated by the German Olympic Sports Confederation via the B standard. She had achieved this twice with 1.92 meters. Her appointment to the Olympic team had triggered considerable public criticism, also from the two-time high jump Olympic champion Ulrike Nasse-Meyfarth.

Before qualifying on Thursday, Friedrich had said: “I have nothing more to lose. Everyone expects me not to make it to the final. This is a good opportunity to show that I can.” Source:, sid / dpa “” The entry into the insolvent Alitalia could be the salvation for an Italian motorway operator. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The Italian motorway operator Autostrade per l’Italia has been under pressure since the accident in Genoa. For an extension of the operating license, his parent company offers to join the insolvent Alitalia.

The deal causes an uproar in Italy. What do planes and highways have to do with each other? Quite a lot when it comes to renovating Alitalia in Italy. In a few days, the crisis-ridden airline will get new owners and be back on its own two years after its bankruptcy in May 2017. One of the new shareholders is to be the infrastructure group Atlantia, which operates around half of the country’s motorway network through its subsidiary Autostrade per l’Italia. That’s why there was another argument in Italy, but that’s not the only problem with the Alitalia plans.

Experts are critical of the whole concept, in which the Italian state remains in the cockpit, so to speak. Since the bankruptcy, Alitalia and its current 12,400 employees have been under the supervision of state bankruptcy administrators.academic biology essay writing service Now the state railway company Ferrovie dello Stato and Atlantia are to join as large co-owners, as well as the US airline Delta Air Lines and the Italian Ministry of Finance as smaller new shareholders. The partners have to put a binding offer on the table by October 15th. Shortly before the deadline, Atlantia brought Italian politics into an uproar.

Atlantia, controlled by the Benetton family, is a global corporation with a turnover of more than 11 billion euros. He operates airports and motorways in many countries and is also involved in Hochtief AG. But since August 14, 2018, Atlantia has had a problem: a motorway bridge collapsed in Genoa and 43 people died. The five-star movement, the strongest party in Italy’s government, wants to withdraw its concession from Autostrade per l’Italia.

The co-ruling Social Democrats want to at least review them. Last week, the Atlantia management sent a letter to Industry Minister Stefano Patuanelli, in which they made the entry into Alitalia quite bluntly dependent on an extension of the concession for their motorway subsidiary. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reacted angrily, and there was talk of “blackmail” in the media. Atlantia only wants to put money into the “black hole Alitalia” in order to secure the “golden rain” of the highway profits, wrote the newspaper “La Repubblica”. According to the Italian aviation expert Andrea Giuricin, however, Atlantia is not a suitable partner to run one anyway Airline. He is skeptical about the whole restructuring concept and describes it as “a stand-alone strategy”. The small Alitalia with a market share of only 1.7 to 1.8 percent in Europe has to join forces with a large European airline, which is the only one Alternative. “The problem is: as long as the state has a hand in it, none of the big players want to put their hand in,” says Giuricin.

After the bankruptcy, Lufthansa had already expressed interest in a restructured Alitalia, but Germans and Italians did not get closer. In Rome, among other things, they feared too high job losses if Lufthansa were to take over. A Lufthansa spokesman has now confirmed the great interest of Europe’s largest airline in the Italian market. Alitalia in its current state is not interesting, and Lufthansa does not want to become a partner of the Italian state.

In order to grow in the Italian market, there are also other options for Lufthansa, for example through its subsidiary Air Dolomiti. According to Giuricin’s assessment, the new Aliatalia will stand on weak feet. Even if the losses have since been reduced, the airline will not be in the black for about four years.

Now there is also a liquidity problem again. The bridging loan of 900 million euros that the government gave Alitalia in 2017 will soon be used up. Rome may have to advance more money and it is uncertain whether Alitalia will be able to repay the loan. The EU Commission is already looking at the Alitalia case, as unpaid loans would turn into unauthorized subsidies. “We will do everything we can to ensure that the national airline can fly with its wings spread again,” said Prime Minister Conte. On Monday he met the Atlantia leadership, details were not known. Alitalia staff went on strike on Wednesday to protest the uncertain future.

The exact percentage distribution between the new shareholders was still unclear until the middle of the week. Giuricin sees the prospects of the new Alitalia not very rosy: “We are putting more money into it, and in a few years we will be in the same situation again.” Source:, lwe / dpa “High jumper Ariane Friedrich won the European Indoor Athletics Championships Fought for the second gold medal for the German team in Turin. The 25-year-old Olympic seventh from LG Eintracht Frankfurt was the only finalist to cross 2.01 meters. The silver was won by the Spaniard Ruth Beitia (1.99 meters) ahead of the Russian Viktoria Kljugina ( 1.96). Top favorite Blanka Vlasic from Croatia could not cope with the run-up and was only fifth after three failed attempts over 1.96 meters.

Friedrich presented the German Athletics Association (DLV) in Turin with the sixth European Championship medal. Berlin’s Meike Kröger twisted her neck while warming up before the final and could not start. After her victory, Friedrich had tears of joy with 2.01 meters in his eyes. The Olympic seventh remained unbeaten this winter and won the second title for the DLV after Petra Lammert in the shot put. Source: “High jumper Ariane Friedrich not only has fans in Germany. (Photo: dapd) The criticism of the nomination by high jumper Ariane Friedrich for the Summer Olympics does not stop. The fact that the German record holder is allowed to start in London despite the missed norm “is a slap in the face for other athletes” Ulrike Nasse-Meyfarth now also has Rainer Henkel, ex-husband of Olympic champion Heike Henkel, the nomination of the German high jump record holder (2.06) for the Summer Olympics in London (27.

July to August 12) massively criticized. Rainer Henkel, who was married to the 1992 Olympic champion until 2001, told the Sport-Informations-Dienst (SID): “The nomination of Friedrich is a slap in the face for other athletes, especially for those who have won medals at European Championships and in recent years World Cup, but this year they only narrowly failed because of the norm. “Type of competition? In terms of sport, Ariane Friedrich has not been able to convince recently.

A rupture of the Achilles tendon she suffered in December 2010 threw her back I can understand his comment that Friedrich is a competitive type. After all, she has proven exactly the opposite, namely not being able to call up performance when it matters. In the last games, at the last World Cup and in This year. She was always cheered up cleverly. She skilfully skipped the last two qualifying opportunities in order not to have to show her poor performance again. “Henkel concluded:” When I imagine that in a few decades from German high jumpers and if she is only mentioned in a sentence with Meyfarth and Heike Henkel because of her high-pitched, completely over-the-top and unsuitable appearance, my stomach turns.

I wish all German athletes good luck and Friedrich a correct self-assessment. “The two-time Olympic champion Ulrike Meyfarth (1972 and 1984) had said in a statement to SID the day before:” I don’t understand Ariane Friedrich’s nomination. After her third place at the European Championships in Barcelona in the summer of 2010, she has not yet achieved a performance and thus has not achieved the qualification height of 1.95 meters for London. “One could say to the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), the German Athletics Association ( DLV) and Friedrich “only wish that less flashy colored hair than performance justifies the Olympic wildcard and brings color to the women’s high jump.” Two other athletes were nominated and remained without the norm in 2012: “But javelin thrower Matthias de After all, Zordo became world champion and shot putter Ralf Bartels European indoor champion in 2011. “Friedrich had torn his Achilles tendon in December 2010 and could not compete in 2011. Source:, sid” Friedrich (left) and Vlasic were not always earlier the best friends. (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa) For the first time since 2011, high jump world champion Blanka Vlasic masters two meters again. While the Croatian is back in the top of the world in Bühl, Ariane Friedrich has to abandon the first joint competition in three years due to pain in her knee. As soon as Blanka Vlasic landed on the high jump mat, tears of happiness came to the eyes of the two-time world champion.

Then the often so cool Croatian woman went down on her knees and was shaken by fits of crying. The 29-year-old had already jumped two meters and more 157 times in her career, but the successful attempt via this magical brand in Bühl in Baden was as emotionally charged as seldom. “I didn’t expect that today, I’m so happy,” confessed the 29-year-old after her victory in the meeting, in which Ariane Friedrich had to give up injured. Nevertheless, long-time arch rival Friedrich congratulated Vlasic as one of the first to return to the top of the world after a compulsory break of 20 months. “Blanka looked good. It was nice to have been there,” commented the German record holder from LG Eintracht Frankfurt on the Vlasic resurrection at the first joint competition in three years. She hobbled up to the world athlete in 2010 to congratulate the competitor, who was condemned to watch last season (problems with the ankle foot). While Vlasic was demonstrating old class just four weeks after her comeback, Friedrich suffered a setback. The 29-year-old, who has been trying in vain to catch up with her previous level of performance since her Achilles tendon ruptured at the end of 2010, had to end the competition after a failed jump over the World Cup standard of 1.95 meters due to pain in her left knee. “It doesn’t look too bad at first.

The knee is not thick, but it hurts, “said coach Günter Eisinger after an examination in Erfurt. An MRI on Monday should enable an exact diagnosis. Before the fatal failure, Friedrich had improved her season best by one centimeter to 1.90 meters.” That is not yet something that I am happy about but that I can be satisfied about. I’m now happy about heights where I started earlier, “admitted the former 2.06-meter jumper and third place in the 2009 World Championships. After days of psychological warfare, Friedrich had an exciting duel with the 2009 World Championships in Berlin later winner Vlasic. The long periods of suffering over the past two years seem to have had a positive effect on the previously hypothermic relationship between the two headstrong women with the diva image. “Blanka and I have come a very hard way.

I am really happy for her. The injuries we had grounded us both back on earth, “said Friedrich. Vlasic, who also claims to have learned humility during the forced break, recently wished the Germans all the best for a successful comeback But first again: get well. Source:, dpa “At the side of his older brother Mischa Zverev, Germany’s top player Alexander Zverev also celebrated a success in doubles this time after his singles tournament in Cologne. With a 6: 4, 6: 2 success against the British Dominic Inglot and the Pakistani Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi, the brothers reached the quarter-finals of the second ATP tennis tournament.

There they could meet Kevin Krawietz and Andreas Mies, who last won the title in the doubles competition for the second time at the French Open. In the first of two tournaments in the previous week, the Zverevs failed in the first round. Source: “Old and soon the new Prime Minister of Italy?

The non-party Guiseppe Conte is building on a coalition of the five-star movement and the social democrats. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The possible Italian Prime Minister Conte wants to form his new government team by Wednesday.