Later another car collided with the other two


Later another car collided with the other two

The robot manufacturer Kuka wants to get through the corona crisis without any major downsizing. "The crisis hits us hard"said CEO Peter Mohnen at the company’s general meeting on Friday. "And we will not be able to avoid one or the other tough decision to remain competitive." However, the aim must be to lose as few staff as possible.

The company wants the crisis "without major personnel cuts", Mohnen had previously talked to the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Friday edition) emphasizes. He praised the performance of the employees during the pandemic: "You were incredibly dedicated during this time." This allowed production in Augsburg to be maintained without interruption.

In the robotics sector, Kuka was able to serve all customer orders without exception, said Mohnen on Friday. However, in view of the corona pandemic, the management board still did not give any forecasts on sales or earnings at the general meeting.

The robot manufacturer slipped into the red in the first quarter of 2020. The bottom line was a loss of 22 million euros after a profit of 15 million euros in the same period last year. At the end of May, Kuka in Augsburg reported that 1,423 of around 3,500 employees were on short-time work. The company is majority owned by the Chinese Midea group.

He is optimistic that the corona crisis shows an advantage of strong automation, said Mohnen: "Manual jobs in industry fell flat overnight, but networked automated systems could continue to run." The company has the opportunity to come out as a winner if the markets make a comeback.

The police shots on a 19-year-old suspected shoplifter in Augsburg have been classified as self-defense by the public prosecutor, according to police. From the point of view of the Augsburg public prosecutor’s office, there are no indications that the weapons have been used illegally, it said on Sunday.

A total of two police officers fired six shots. Three of the shots hit the 19-year-old, who was armed with a knife after he was said to have broken into a supermarket in Augsburg on Friday evening. The exact course of events is still being determined, said the police.

The 19-year-old was seriously injured and taken to hospital on Friday evening. As soon as his state of health permits, he should be sent to prison: According to the information, an arrest warrant is available for attempted manslaughter. In addition, the 19-year-old is said to have started a fire in a room in the supermarket. The man was temporarily detained here after threatening the local police.

The taxpayers’ association sharply criticized the multi-million dollar increase in costs at the Augsburg State Theater. This could only apply to one "miserable planning" be due, said Bavaria’s taxpayer president Rolf von Hohenhau. The city of Augsburg recently announced that the general renovation of the theater, which was once planned for 186 million euros, could become up to around 320 million euros. The project is now a case for the tax waste black book of the taxpayers’ association, announced Hohenhau.

He does not rule out that the 320 million will not be enough either. "It will be twice as expensive as it was planned"said the taxpayer president. Hohenhau was himself on the Augsburg city council for the CSU when the project there, with construction costs of 186 million euros, was decided. At that time, a risk reserve of 20 million was planned, he said. "Before the first stone was laid, the reserve was gone." A private client would be broke if he planned like this. "It can’t be normal", criticized Hohenhau.

Football professional Rani Khedira from FC Augsburg did not always agree with the requirements of the German Football League during the Bundesliga restart. "Things were decided that made players wonder: Does that make sense right now? Is that correct in proportion?"said Khedira to him "Kicker". The 26-year-old professional named as examples: "We were supposed to play a lot of games in a short time, but sometimes we weren’t allowed to use the ice pool for regeneration. We were supposed to stay in quarantine at home while outside on the street it was almost normal life again."

Despite the criticism expressed in the details, the Augsburg footballer is satisfied with the crisis management of the umbrella association. "Overall, however, I have to say that the DFL did a great job. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to end the season so early." But: "One would have wished for a little more sensitivity here and there. Perhaps the concept could have been adapted over time, after there were also loosenings in everyday life. In this respect, it is helpful when clubs and players are in contact with the DFL"said Khedira. In the recently founded new player alliance, however, Khedira is "not there, but I’m in the picture. Basically, I think it’s important that the players’ party is heard", he said.

A human life could not begin more dramatically: Immediately after the birth, a mother in Swabia abandoned her baby completely unclothed in a meadow at night; the baby is only discovered after a day and a half. Because of attempted manslaughter, the 32-year-old has had to answer before the Augsburg district court since Tuesday.

Her lawyer Cornelia McCready said after the hearing that what was actually going on was beyond dispute. She pointed out that the defendant was mentally retarded. The defense attorney announced at the beginning of the trial that her client would comment on the crime in the course of the proceedings.

In July 2019, the mother had left the newly born boy in Blindheim (Dillingen district) naked in tall grass a few meters from a dirt road at night after giving birth there alone. The infant lay unsupervised in the meadow for about 34 hours before a resident discovered the whimpering child in a life-threatening condition. The little boy was sunburned, hypothermic and dehydrated.

The baby was brought to the Augsburg University Hospital by a rescue helicopter. There, the employees fought for days for the life of the boy, who also suffered blood poisoning and had three dead toes amputated. Ultimately, the infant survived and was later placed in a foster family.

The prosecutor assumes that the woman wanted to let her boy die in the meadow so that she would not have to look after the child. The woman, who already has two children, did not know exactly who the boy’s father was. A few hours after the child was discovered, the mother was arrested in her apartment in Dillingen and taken into custody.

The first day of the trial on Tuesday ended after just a few minutes because an expert was missing. Because, according to the criminal chamber, the forensic doctor should be able to follow the statements of the accused.

"She will describe the matter from her point of view"said Defense Attorney McCready about her client’s proposed testimony. According to an expert, the 32-year-old is at the stage of development of a 12 to 14-year-old, emphasized the lawyer. Therefore, the question must be clarified whether the mother should be classified as less culpable because of her disability.

Four days of negotiations have been planned for the process so far. The verdict could therefore be announced on July 21.

The applicant for the CDU chairmanship, Friedrich Merz, has opposed speculation about a possible candidate for chancellor from CSU boss Markus Söder. "He has said several times that his place is in Bavaria, where he is doing a great job especially in the Corona crisis"said Merz "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Monday) about the Bavarian Prime Minister. "Historically, it has so far been the case that the CSU has put the joint candidate for chancellor when the CDU was dissatisfied with its own leadership. It was like that in 1980, it was like that in 2002, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be in 2021."

Regarding the schedule of the candidate selection, Merz said: "I am assuming that we will first elect the new party chairman of the CDU and that the chairmen of the CDU and CSU will then sit down and make a joint proposal."

However, it will be difficult for the Union to maintain the polls that have increased during the Corona crisis for a long time. "I estimate our potential in normal times to be 35 percent plus x"said Merz. In June he had spoken of 40 percent.

He announced that he would particularly focus on the interests of the younger generation. "First and foremost, we have to spend our money on innovation, on education, training and sustainable jobs"he demanded. "We are charging the young generation with such a high level of national debt that it can only be justified if this generation is also the greatest beneficiary." Merz demanded "a new generation contract" and said: "That is why I will also make intergenerational justice my topic in the next few weeks."

The Augsburg Panthers continue to rely on Tray Tuomie as their trainer. As the club from the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) announced on Thursday, the 52-year-old German-American has extended his contract for the coming season. Like all players, Tuomie also signed salary waiver statements in response to the Corona crisis. Tuomie has been part of the Panther coaching team since the 2016/17 season and has been the head coach since May 2019.

"Tray Tuomie took over our team in a complex situation and achieved our goals despite all the adversities with many injuries, the double burden of the Champions Hockey League and the associated high travel stress or a change in our coaching team", explained Panther partner Lothar Sigl. It is important to the association "In the crisis that will have a massive impact on German ice hockey for a long time to come, to ensure constancy on and next to the ice and to act sensibly in terms of personnel".

Tuomie looks forward to his "fifth season as part of the Augsburg Panthers" and hopes "that I will soon be back on the ice with my team to prepare for what will hopefully be a largely normal DEL season."

The DEL season start is still planned for September 18th. A decision should be made by the end of July whether the deadline can be kept. The clubs are heavily dependent on spectator income.

Hoffenheim’s sports director Alexander Rosen is enthusiastic about the smooth running since the restart of the Bundesliga. "Obviously, many locations have worked diligently to ensure that the Bundesliga is an absolute model for all major sports leagues. I think that is indeed something to be proud of. People were very interested, and that makes you proud that you were part of this process", said Rosen, who is currently coordinating the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim coaching team after separating from Alfred Schreuder, in a conference call on Friday.

Since the restart in mid-May, all games in the top German division have been able to take place as usual. "I really hoped it would go that way. I was absolutely convinced of the concept. What really excites me is the implementation"said Rosen. The 33rd matchday is on this Saturday, and the Bundesliga final is waiting for the coming weekend.

As a sign of solidarity for cultural workers and organizers, institutions and companies in Bavaria also wanted to take part in the nationwide Night of Light. Numerous buildings would be illuminated in red on Tuesday night, the initiators said on Monday. The Olympic tower and the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg, the Renaissance building of the Augsburg town hall, the Regensburg theater, the study church and the Würzburg cathedral should shine in red across Bavaria.

With the light monument one wants to draw attention to the precarious situation of those employed in the cultural and event sector, it is a fiery appeal and call for help to the politicians to rescue, the initiators justified their action on the Internet. With the ban on major events in the wake of the corona pandemic, an entire branch of the economy was effectively deprived of its working basis. "The event industry won’t survive the next 100 days!"

Event locations, venues, buildings and structures in around 200 cities are illuminated nationwide. Impressions can be uploaded on Facebook and Instagram, tagged with the keyword # nightoflight2020.

Because of a gas leak, an outdoor swimming pool in Augsburg has to be cleared. The police also advise people to be careful in the area. The fire brigade is now looking for the point where the chlorine gas escapes.

Chlorine gas leaked in an outdoor pool in Augsburg on Sunday. The police called on residents to close the windows. The swimming pool has been cleared. According to a police spokesman, nobody was injured by the gas.

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Firefighters are on site, it said. They looked for the leak from which the gas was leaking. The spokesman could not say how many bathers were in the outdoor pool at the time.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In a serious traffic accident on Autobahn 8 (Stuttgart-Munich), a woman was killed and four people injured on Monday. A car was torn in two parts in the accident, with one part of the wreck being thrown over the lane delimitation and onto the opposite lane due to the force of the impact.

The driver of a car had driven onto the autobahn near Adelsried (Augsburg district) and after a short time skidded. According to the police, the vehicle was then at right angles to the direction of travel, and another car drove into it. Later another car collided with the other two. The A8 had to be temporarily closed in both directions for rescue operations.

Any help came too late for a woman sitting in the skidding vehicle. A man and a woman who were also in the car were seriously injured. A woman and a man were moderately injured in the other two vehicles. An expert should now clarify why the person who caused the accident skidded.