It’s Honey, Kim’s ex-boyfriend


It’s Honey, Kim’s ex-boyfriend

It doesn’t matter whether you make the arrangements yourself or buy them from a well-stocked florist.

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Freshness as a leitmotif

The play of colors in the flowers ideally corresponds to the rest of the decorative elements on the table, such as the color of the tablecloth or dishes. Even a color-coordinated bandage for the arrangements has a great effect. If “freshness” and “liveliness” should be the leitmotif, the combination of green and white is particularly suitable. The colors radiate calm, but at the same time also vitality – a nice hint to the confirmation of the entry into a new phase of life.

Marguerites with large flowers in combination with milkweed or pennywort also bring the feeling of summer over very well and are particularly well suited when it is rather uncomfortably gray outside.

Suitable for the season: spring-like table decorations for confirmation

Note table size

When using flowers as table decorations, don’t forget the table size. Lush arrangements quickly look overloaded on a comparatively small table. In such a case, it is better to use daisies or white forget-me-nots. Arranged in traditional wooden baskets, these relatively simple, compact plants also put the icing on the cake. At larger tables, you can draw on the full and set up plants with sweeping flowers. 

Playing dodgeball in a communion suit? The confirmand’s best friend at the honor table? Spaghetti Bolognese instead of a five-course menu – is that possible? In any case, say experts. Communion and confirmation do not have to be pompous and rigid. "Leave the church in the village", even when it comes to gifts, advises Andreas Engel from the Federal Conference for Educational Advice in Fürth. If the celebration is approached a little more calmly, everyone benefits – guests and organizers.

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A day of honor can become an ordeal

If parents and relatives overdo it at First Communion or Confirmation Feasts, the day of honor can quickly become an ordeal for the child. "A meal together is part of the festival", says Uwe Globisch from the German Catechist Association in Munich. But the theologian advises healthy restraint. So it doesn’t have to be a five-course meal that lasts for hours. And parents are best prepared to take the child’s wishes into account. "For example, my kids wouldn’t eat sushi", he says. Spaghetti Bolognese instead? If the main character of the day wishes, the birthday classic is perfectly legitimate.

Eating together is solemn

This is not a rejection of the celebration, believes the Catholic religious educator Hermann Schulze-Berndt from Bad Bentheim (Lower Saxony): "You can always create solemnity with a meal together." Music or even singing together can take care of this – but only if it doesn’t seem forced. Even a grace period that you have prepared yourself is appropriate and even important on the day of first communion or confirmation, says Schulze-Berndt: "When, if not then?"

Do not overwhelm the child

The party shouldn’t expect too much from the child, advises Schulze-Berndt. Gifts in particular can easily be overwhelming. "The gifts should not be excessive and should not be in the foreground." And they should be age appropriate. A communion child at the age of eight or nine could not do much emotionally with a 200 euro note in her grandmother’s envelope. It is worth giving tips to the donors beforehand. For Globisch, valuable souvenirs are small, but carefully selected. He suggests, for example, a candlestick for the communion candle, a poetry album for guests’ entries or an invitation to an afternoon game: "Spending time together is better than playing alone."

Playing allowed

"Even playing in the garden does not desecrate the day", thinks Globisch, who played dodgeball as a child in a black communion suit with the festival party. Those who strive for something like this should choose the location of the celebration accordingly. Should the celebration take place at home or in an inn? Is there enough space? Because one thing is certain when there are children among the guests: "They want to get out at some point"says the theologian.

How does it become a successful party?

Parents can set the course for a successful party as soon as they are invited. Globisch suggests including the request for a communion or confirmation photo of each guest in the invitation letter in addition to the mandatory facts. "You could collect them all on a pin board and then guess who owns which photo." But who should get an invitation anyway? "First and foremost, this is a family festival"says angel.argumentative essay outline It is unusual for the confirmand to invite friends. However, since the young person is the focus on confirmation day and the child at first communion, parents should also consider their wishes when choosing a guest, advises the educational advisor. Uwe Globisch even thinks that friends are part of such a special day: "That doesn’t detract from the festivity." The preparation for the confirmation and communion feast can cost the parents six months to nine months, even if no massive celebration is planned. "That already keeps you breathing"says angel. But the same applies to the preparation: exaggeration quickly turns the festival into torture.

Inform about local customs

How communion and confirmation are celebrated differs from place to place. Newcomers and relatives from other areas should find out about the customs beforehand. In Upper Franconia, for example, it is customary for the confirmation person to bring a piece of the confirmation cake to all guests a few days after the confirmation. Elsewhere, tradition demands that guests give gifts before confirmation. But there are also many other customs that need to be known: Do the places in the church have to be reserved? How many are in the family? In addition, it should be clarified beforehand whether photography may be taken in the church or whether a professional will take on this task.

Confirmation gifts

Earthquakes, flood disasters and famines: Many people depend on donations. Confirmation can be an occasion to help those affected. "One can give expression to life in the Christian faith through a donation"said Andrea Seidel from the regional church office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. "Paying attention to our fellow human beings and supporting others – we must not lose that." But that does not mean that confirmands have to forego gifts entirely: "For us, gifts are part of the celebration", said Seidel, who operates the portal "You don’t have to give everything away right away." But it is good if the topic of donations is raised in the family. And the parents or the young person could ask the pastor if he could include it in the confirmation class. In some municipalities in Bavaria there is a so-called confirmation donation, which is prepared in class.

Donate or not?

Ultimately, each confirmant should decide for himself. "This shouldn’t happen against the youngster’s will", thinks Seidel. If he decides to donate, a recipient can be considered together. "Many young people think it is good when they can donate to local youth work." But how do you deal with the donation? Is part of the donated money simply passed on or should the guests have a say in the decision? "Many relatives want to give something special. Such a gift could be the donation"said Seidel. Often the guests turned to their parents before the celebration. "In a conversation you can then clarify how willing you are to make a donation." – Congratulations on Communion: Tips for the greeting card

Confirmation marks the end of an important phase of development in the life of a believer. If you design an individual invitation for confirmation, you give the celebration an even more personal character.

More about communion and confirmation

Admission to the community: communion, confirmation and youth consecration – what is what? Confirmation, communion and youth consecration: are monetary gifts appropriate? Unwanted gifts: when grandma and grandpa just give crap

A very special day

The solemn act of blessing of the Evangelical Church remains in the memory of every young person for a long time. The confirmation ceremony finally marks the end of an important phase of development and at the same time means the transition to church adulthood. There is no question that all good friends and relatives are present at the confirmation ceremony. In order to give the event the most personal touch possible, invest some effort and time in an individual invitation for confirmation. An approximate guest list should already be available beforehand so that the invitations can be given a personal dedication in one go.

Creative thanks to online print shops

If you design an individual invitation for confirmation, there are basically no limits to your creativity: A simple, single-color card with the photo of the person confirming will certainly not fail to have an impact. You can also use a collage of several photos or print a photo invitation card. Thanks to numerous online print shops and the corresponding software, the latter can now be designed in a very creative and versatile manner. Such services also offer photo puzzles and photo cards. The format of a photo card corresponds to that of a conventional bank card. Print any photo on the front and the detailed information from the invitation on the back. (Confirmation: Great idea for the thanksgiving)

Personal imprint is very important

Aside from the design, the individual confirmation invitation should contain a few personal lines. A passage from your favorite poem goes just as well as a Bible verse that, for example, sums up the entry into adulthood with a little wisdom. The signature of the invitation is the icing on the cake. (Invitation to confirmation: this is how you can write a good text)

Some children look forward to first communion or confirmation – others cannot do anything with it. Should they even be able to decide for themselves whether they want to participate in this ritual?

"I would advise talking about it first: What are the reasons if a child does not want to participate?"says Maria Große Perdekamp. She is the head of online counseling for the Federal Conference for Educational Counseling (bke). Maybe it’s just the timing of the preparation because it collides with a hobby. Or the child just has no relation to religion so far.

When children go to First Communion, they are around eight years old. "What it means to belong to a church or religion, they can usually not yet estimate"says Große Perdekamp. At confirmation they are around 14 and can understand that better.

Religion should play a role beforehand

In both cases, the following applies: if parents want their child to take part in the preparations and the celebration, they should familiarize them with it beforehand. "When there is absolutely no religious culture in the family, such as attending church services or mass, it is difficult for children to identify with it."

When deciding for or against first communion or confirmation, the parents are ultimately responsible. In confirmation class, for example, you can agree that the child will try – and still stop if they don’t identify with it.

Parents should support the child’s desire

But sometimes it’s the other way around: children want to take part in preparatory classes even though their parents have nothing to do with religion. This can be because friends join in, because religious education at school has piqued interest, or because the child is simply studying religion. "In all cases, parents should support this"the expert advises. It is important that they then also deal with the issues.

Regardless of how the children decide: The educational advisor finds it important and valuable when the children – after talking to their parents – make an informed decision. This can also be an occasion to talk about other religions. "You shouldn’t isolate yourself there." Religion is always an important question of meaning and values.

"It is very important that children and young people have values." How should people treat each other? What happens after death? When it comes to such questions, children need orientation and support. That is a good basis to protect them from inappropriate behavior later. Therefore, discussions about First Holy Communion and Confirmation can be an occasion to deal with such topics.

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The photo is a good twenty years old and comes from Honey’s confirmation.

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