Head of the PNA Slawomir Broniarz / Polish Press Agency / Tomasz Gzell Read more Ryszard Petru: teachers strike is a cry of despair In favor of the amendment voted 307 deputies, 130 were against and one member abstained from voting.


Also, the Ministry of Education argues that such a situation is not unusual and recalls that last year during the first stage of recruitment for secondary schools got a 86 percent. students, and including, the double yearbook, up 89 percent. Headmasters however, point out that these 89 percent. the double yearbook leaves many more students without any facilities. Therefore, in this year nervousness bid for a place at the school of choice will continue until the last days of vacation. Read more Thousands of vacancies across the country. Autumn in the schools lack staff?

The original of the supplementary przeczekaniePodczas recruiting students can apply for schools to get virtually unlimited. – You have to think about going back to the principle that you can choose up to three outlets – says Waldemar Bartosik, director of the High School in Ostrow Mazowieckiej.Według him at such a large number of students in its present form makes the recruitment of many organizational problems. – We can see with the naked eye, that is more children. MEN argues that there is nothing extraordinary in comparison to last year. But the problem exists, because not all governments have an electronic recruitment and the recruitment of supplementary recruitment is done in the traditional form. It is worth considering the change in the rules of recruitment to the students practically the whole holiday did not live under stress – says Marek Pleśniar, president of the National Association of Executives of Education. – The whole system of recruitment is to the amendment. First, not all schools are one electronic recruitment system, and this leads to the fact that a student with me appears that to my school got first choice, but it turns out that it did in Krakow, but this one voivodeship.

Then we have to wait, or come to us, or give up – says Anna Sala, director of the Secondary School No. 1 in Sucha Beskidzkiej.- In our school with this solution is gone approx. 15 per cent. students, but eg. in offices near Krakow this percentage is as high as 70 percent. Not to mention the private schools, which do not appear in any system, and take our youth. After the first stage of recruitment did not get more than 70 students.

And in the course of supplementary recruitment, it turned out that we still have 30 vacancies – explains Anna Hall. Directors therefore indicate that the term recruitment should be uniform for the whole country and its schedule should specify the Ministry of Education, not the individual curators in the provinces. – We are already in the recruitment of complementary and such. Warsaw just announced the results of selection in the first round. To our high school got to students who submitted the documents, and later came and asked whether if they manage to get to Zywiec, which is in the province of Silesia, and I will give it to them and let move your documents. Of course, I have an obligation – adds Anna Hall. The same is true in other provinces.

Waldemar Bartosik, director of the High School in Ostrow Mazowiecka confirms that his institution ended the deadline for confirmation of the will of school choice, and in the neighboring town, in Lomza, have at it another week. As a result, the end is not sure how many students will be in his high school. Problems with recruiting industry also have a school. – Recruitment should be undertaken only when students are physically all the documents in hand, that we are able to calculate how many points they have passed the certificate and external examinations. And so the student with 120 points not to seek an eventual admission to the school, which take 150 points. Of course, this would extend the process, but there would be chaos in which many candidates choose schools and even classes within a single facility.

If the current government unify the rules of recruitment, it is now not to subject the allegations that there are problems with double vintage – says Tomasz Malicki, a professor of education and director of the Technical School No. 2 in Krakowie.- I have one class of industry, which is 19 students. It was already 23, but eventually took the documents of our school. I do not know what to say to the authority conducting, because in the past year were the guidelines that the class has to count at least 24 students – Tomasz Malicki worried. Whether in some schools appear still places available, eg.

In Mazovia, will be known at the end of August (27 to confirm the will of supplementary education after recruitment). About those who accept formally decides only the director himself facility. Does not work if none of the selection committee. According to experts, such a solution may be to corruption. – Therefore, to avoid such charges, our internal decree determined that just before the holidays and collect applications on the basis of the documents received to select students with the highest scores – says Anna Hall. Read more It’s such a mess in education, that zatęskniliśmy for secondary schools [POLL DGP and RMF FM] Condensed wakacjePrzy recruitment opportunities in the current formula, there are also other problems. This is because it is stretched almost the entire holiday period, and this is a problem for teachers who are not formally work at this time. – Of course, card gives teachers the opportunity to download the learner to the school during the school holidays to seven days, but this is not enough, because the way we still have complementary exams and planning for the new school year – notes Thomas Malicki.

On the other hand, Waldemar widow admits that teachers can accuse the Director that restricts their right to rest and unfortunately they would be right. And he adds that also in this area should think about making changes in the law. Junior high students of classes III, who in April joined the compulsory secondary school exam, for solving the tasks of the Polish language gained an average of 65 percent. points obtainable, and for the tasks in mathematics – 47 percent. pts., for the tasks of history and social studies the average score achieved by students is 61 percent. pts., and the task of science – 50 percent. point. Information about the initial results achieved this year in the gymnasium exam presented Thursday at a press conference in Warsaw. How reminded the Minister of Education Krystyna Szumilas, this year’s students of classes III are the first junior high yearbook, who teaches in accordance with the new core curriculum and teaching exam in April posted the new rules. Still exam consists of three parts: the examination of humanistic knowledge, the examination of knowledge in mathematics and natural sciences and foreign language test.

However, the task has been extracted from the Polish language and mathematics, in order to be able to separately assess the skills and knowledge of those subjects. For the first time this year, foreign language exam consisted of two levels: basic – for all mandatory and extended, which came only those students who continue their studies in high school chosen foreign language started in primary school. Exam at the advanced level acceded 85 percent. students. The average score obtained by the junior high school exam at the basic level of English is 63 percent. points possible to obtain, from the German language – 57 percent. pts., from the Russian – 65 percent. pts., French – 69 percent. pts., from Spanish – 71 percent. pts., with Italian – 62 percent. point. The Acting Director of the Central Examination Commission Gałęski Arthur pointed out that this year’s exam results can not be compared with the results obtained by high school students in previous years.

He reminded that the changes in the exam apply not only to test the formula, completely different tasks were also constructed – they were made to check the skills, they were also checked with a different way – not the key, but in a holistic way. As he told PAP Janina Wróblewska from the Faculty of Education and Social Affairs of the City of Zielona Gora, classes due to the high temperatures were shortened on Wednesday in three Educational give me the answers to my homework Teams – No. 5, 6 and 9 and High School and the Secondary School of Ecology. Julian Chamberlain of the Board of Education in Gorzow Wielkopolski., Told PAP that there are no standards in this regard, but the principals can take advantage of this possibility, which is governed by the provisions on health and safety in educational institutions. If the management of the institution considers that the public is so warm that it threatens the health of the students, a request for shortening the course or suspension directs them to the authority conducting, which is usually self-government, and he decides.

Read more Anna Zalewska: Education reform is closed. Overpopulation problems the fault of governments to Lubuskie Board of Education so far to shorten the course information received from the Green Mountains. Chamberlain did not rule out that in the region of shortening the school lessons because of the heat can be more, and relevant information on this topic will be flowed to the board of trustees at a later date. On Wednesday, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued a warning against the heat of the first degree, which includes several provinces, including the whole province. Lubusz. According to forecasts, the temperature may vary from 29 to 32 deg.

Celsius. The night will be a minimum of 16 to 18 degrees. On Earth Lubuska heat prevail for several days. Thursday forecasters predict the region for another hot day and storms. Read more Trzaskowski In Warsaw high schools run out of 7 thousand. places. Deputy Minister of Education responds: It’s a political struggle Several curators even protesters demanded to inspect the letter – explained the president of the PNA at a press conference. – At the moment in many provinces takes control carried out by the supervisory authority in the field of pedagogical course stajku, implementation of the provisions under the Act on the settlement of collective disputes and verification, as schools are prepared for this and how to secure the safety of children in institutions protesters – dodał.Według the information provided by Slawomir Broniarz, Friday’s nationwide protests interested not only superintendents, but also the police. Most of such “interventions” – as he called it – took place in the Silesian province.

The police had come to the school and asked for details of the protest. Read more about the heel strike of teachers would have removed the muzzle red lumpeninteligencję were also directors of teachers who demanded a declaration that it will not take part in the protest – said the PNA Broniarz.Prezes also stressed that reaching it also signals that many local governments’ szkalowało teachers threatening them for taking part in a protest answering supplement rural “. Head of the PNA Slawomir Broniarz / Polish Press Agency / Tomasz Gzell Read more Ryszard Petru: teachers strike is a cry of despair In favor of the amendment voted 307 deputies, 130 were against and one member abstained from voting. “Hours Card” (common name comes from the name of Law Teachers’ Charter) in the case of teachers in primary and middle schools two hours per week, and in the case of teachers of secondary schools one hour, that every teacher, regardless of their teaching time, that’s compulsory lessons, He must devote to extracurricular activities. For the teaching in under an hour card teachers do not receive additional compensation. Liquidation hours card was announced by PiS election campaign, was also announced in the expose by the Prime Minister Beata Awl. Adopted amendments to the record of eliminating those hours is back to the record that was before their introduction.

According to it within the 40-hour working week outside of normal working hours a teacher can perform other activities and actions arising from the statutory tasks of the school, including welfare and educational activities taking into account the needs and interests of the students. Read more Liquidation hours card, changing the core curriculum of the lessons of history … Plans for 2016 MEN Imposing the duty of all teachers conduct classes respectively in two dimensions, or one hour turned out to be irrational from the point of view of the organization of school work and could generate a sense of injustice among teachers demarcation of the number of classes. In addition, teachers imposed stiff to work out the number of hours was not always used according to the needs and interests of students – the explanatory memorandum to the draft amendment. Though hour card, introduced in 2009.

From the beginning have been criticized by all trade unions organizing teachers, it is proposed in the draft amendment provisions are not positively evaluated by them. Polish Teachers’ Union and the Trade Unions Forum drew attention to the absence in the draft regulations on the number of activities carried out by the teacher under the statutory tasks of the school. According to them, this may result in the number of unpaid hours of work may be greater than it is now. Ministry promises to monitor the organization of extracurricular activities in schools after the liquidation of hours of card games. The amendment introduces changes to the disciplinary responsibility of teachers.

According to them, among others, created to be a central register of disciplinary decisions against teachers, which will be collected data about teachers legally sanctioned punishment of expulsion from the profession or punishment of dismissal for non-acceptance punished to work in the teaching profession within 3 years of punishment and to suspend the teacher in carrying duties. According to the novella, all teachers are covered by the regulations on disciplinary responsibility. In all, the requirement will be extended criminal record. The new regulations are intended to prevent employment in the kindergarten, school or other educational institution as a teacher a person who does not have full legal capacity and does not use public rights. Record also applies to a person against whom criminal proceedings or disciplinary action, as well as punished for an offense or not having the appropriate qualifications to occupy the position. In practice, the teacher prior to employment in the educational institution will have to present it to the Director, among others, information from a central register of disciplinary decisions and a clean criminal record, based on information from the National Criminal Register. Read more Hours Card?

Liquidation only the names Until the provisions on disciplinary responsibility and the requirement of a clean criminal record does not include teachers employed in public kindergartens, schools and institutions run by individuals and legal persons other than local government units and non-public kindergartens, schools and employment dimension less than half of compulsory teaching time.

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