Call Us, Maybe? Since most universities give potential students


Call Us, Maybe? Since most universities give potential students direct access to their admission representatives (USC included), many more pupils have taken taken advantage of this possibility. Nevertheless, remember the act of contacting your admission counselor is its very own art form. There is a stability between being genuinely inquisitive. Below are a few recommendations to consider when contacting your territory manager:

DO contact us in the event that you are confused about our application procedure and are in need of some guidance.

DON’T email us just to express hi. Your email needs to have a purpose.

DO contact us for those who have a relevant concern of a specific major. USC has 150 majors and 150 minors; being able to show your knowledge and curiosity about your academic interest is one thing we appreciate, but we also know a lot of choices could be confusing.

DON’T over-communicate…CONSOLIDATE! We would instead answer a couple of well thought out emails than numerous individual questions.

DO remind us if and when we’ve met in the last. We meet 1000s of pupils each and appreciate when students don’t assume we remember the conversation we had with them year.

DON’T have your parent contact us. Be your own advocate!

DO write us a note when there is an outlying circumstance you want us to keep yourself informed of. This is a thing that we shall element in your application as well.

DON’T address us incorrectly or improperly in the email.

DO include your USC ID number and/or name in your email.

Finally, DON’T ask us to modify your writing examples. We can give you general advice on what you should take into account when composing your private statement however it is not suitable for us to edit them.

Presenting Kenley staff blogger that is new

It was just over couple of years ago it has been that I started as an Assistant Director of Admission at USC. Wow, what a journey! I work with students from the variety of areas: Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Kansas City, and parts of Orange County and San Diego (phew!). I have bright red hair, and the fiery personality to complement, so I am always complete of energy or over for any adventure. I love to travel, explore the out-of-doors, bake anything with chocolate (lots from it!), and you can find me dancing when there is a positive tune. I’m thrilled to be joining the blogging team and can not wait to share some of my insights and knowledge about the admission college and process life.

I grew up in Utah and lived into the most beautiful mountains in the world. I spent quite a little bit of time exploring them, but got tired of the lengthy winters, which is why I was eager to attend college in sunny Southern Ca. We attended Claremont McKenna university where I learned International Relations and Psychology.

We enjoyed my university experience. I actually enjoyed it, which is why I like involved in higher education, specifically helping students find an institution that is clearly a fit that is good. It is extremely very easy to talk to prospective pupils about USC because it is this type of great place to live and learn. I am lucky to get results on such a dynamic, energy-filled campus. Our students are thinkers, academic options are abundant, and we’re located in an urban community in one of the greatest towns and cities on the planet. I can not wait to share more about the USC experience and the admission process in my own posts to come!

Table For One

‘ Our suitcases that are battered piled on the sidewalk again; we had much longer methods to go. But no matter, the road is life.’ Jack Kerouac

Currently, this blog is being written by me sitting inside a Peet’s Coffee in Northern California. Dining Table for one, headphones in ears, answering emails and logging down notes about my senior school visits from earlier today. For the week that is next a half, i’ll be residing in hotel spaces and having meals on my own. Usually, there is time for you explore the cities I visit so that’s nice. But the majority for the right time, the road can be tiring so I invest most of my time resting as much as possible. It is very easy to get unwell regarding the road!
For about 8 weeks of the 12 months, tens of thousands of admission representatives all around the country live this lifestyle. From the perspective that is outside it seems really glamorous. In lots of ways, it is just a really job that is fun. It’s truly rewarding to find a way to simply help pupils in one of the very most phases that are transitional their lives. It’s also nice having the ability to be away from the office. However, this section of the task can be isolating because well. It generates me appreciate my buddies, wife and family back at home more.
Nevertheless, our mission is what is on the forefront. USC visits over 2,000 schools each year; we look at the most schools that are high of any college in the nation. Our company is out here searching for students that will make up the following incoming class of freshmen at USC. It is our goal to put together an exceptionally diverse class every year so we want to meet various types of students. I am honored to complete my small part in this process. It brings me personally a feeling of fulfillment to function for the university that aligns with my own vision for education.
So seek us down. Ask questions. Get to know us. We care by what we do and all we want is so that you can be happy with your option. It’s really a life that is big so that it’s important become up to date. If we look like we have been on the go in between visits, it is most likely because we have been. But we will always allow you to feel welcome to contact us at a various time, via e-mail or phone. We believe what we do matters. We think it’s great. Even in the event it means sitting through one lonely meal at a time ☺

By the method, if you’re curious, the USC Admission office has published pictures of our activities regarding the road. They all are on our Instagram account, @USCADMISSION. Follow us. Say hi. Maybe even make tips if we have been in your city!


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