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  1. Among to propagate is unfolding and laying out a blanket for the have a picnic.
  2. An example of to spread is the term disseminate, somebody putting on their own back again using their arms entirely prolonged.
  3. An example of to distributed is utilizing a blade to cover some toast with peanut butter.

MLA Design

APA Fashion


, scattering

  1. to get out so as to display more entirely available or extend in an attempt to cover more room occur or unfurl
  2. to place in present demonstrate
  3. to advance aside (the palms, arms, thighs, chicken wings, and so forth.)
    1. to distribute over a surface or region scatter disperse
    2. to deliver amid a group: to spread the wealth

    1. to distribute in the thin coating apply: to distributed butter on make
    2. to hide by smearing (with one thing): to distributed loaf of bread with jam

  4. to increase or extend in time: to spread obligations more than a two-yr time period
  5. to cause to become w >to propagate reports, an ailment, etc.
  6. to pay for, overlay, or outdoor patio (with some thing)
    1. setting (a stand) to get a meal
    2. to set (foodstuff) over a stand


  8. to drive aside or further aside
  9. to file entirely get into (on accurate documentation)
  10. to flatten out (a rivet, and many others.) by pounding

Origin of spread

Midsection British spreden from Previous Uk sprdan, similar to The german language spreiten from Indo-Western an unverified kind sprei-deborah-, to mix, strew from bottom an unverified variety (utes)p(h)er-, to strew, spray, burst open (of sprouts) from resource bottle of spray, sprawl, develop

  1. to supply themselves be prolonged or extended
  2. to get dispersed or distributed
  3. to be made extensively or even more well known, thought, existent, and many others. be disseminated, disseminated, or subtle
  4. to be pushed aside or a greater distance a part
  5. being for these regularity that it could be dispersed within a slender coating, as butter allow you to being smeared

  1. the action of spreading off shoot expansion diffusion
    1. the level to which something is spread or can be distributed
    2. the interval or among the very best and lowest figures of a collection, by the many an evaluation
    3. the gap among connected prices, rates, and many others., as that between your rates at which a brokerage purchases and sells explains to you of the inventory
    4. in bets, the volume of points in which an organization, esp. a basketball team, is required to wipe out its opponent

  2. an field extent stretch out compass
    1. two dealing with pages of the magazine, journal, etc., dealt with like a one ongoing sheet, like marketing
    2. printed issue set over a site, or around many columns, of a newspapers, newspaper, and many others.

  3. bedspread
  4. any smooth material, as play or margarine, used for distributing on bread or crackers
  5. a extending, at the time of a weight-gainer’s sides and waistline: middle-age group distributed
  6. Informal a lavish supper, especially. one particular with lots of foodstuff
  7. a rnch, or any significant farm or estate

distribute your self thin

MLA Design

APA Type


distribute, spread·ing, propagates


    To spread out with a bigger magnitude or m >a. To disperse more than a surface area within a layer: distributed varnish for the actions.


  1. To become lengthy or enlarged: The plantation career fields spread towards the horizon.
  2. To go around a place, be allocated, or be m > noun

Source of distributed

Center British spreden from Aged Uk -sprdan ( like tsprdan to spread out ) see sper- in Indo-Western european beginnings.

Associated Forms:




    MLA Style

    APA Type

    (next-person unique simple existing advances, found participle spreading, basic prior and prior participle distributed)

    1. To fully stretch, open up out (a fabric and so forth.) so that it far more totally handles a certain part of room. [from thirteenth d.] He propagate his newspapers on the table.
    2. To give (person rays, arms and legs etc.) to loosen up in different or other instructions. [from 13th chemical.] I spread my hands extensive and made welcome him house.
    3. To spread, to spread or deliver on the provided location. [from thirteenth d.] I distributed the almond grain evenly in the ground.
    4. (intransitive) To virally spreading in to for being more widely current, to get disseminated. [from thirteenth c.]
    5. To pay off to cause to virally spread in to, to make (something) well regarded or existing. [from 14 h.] The missionaries swiftly spread their new message in the united states.
    6. (intransitive) To take up a greater region or space to be expanded, be extended. [from fourteenth c.] I fallen my cup water spread speedily over the ceramic floor.
    7. To smear, to disperse in the slender covering. [from sixteenth d.] She enjoyed to distribute butter on her make as it was still hot.
    8. To hide (something) with a slender coating of some substance, at the time of butter. [from 16th d.] He always spreads his make with peanut butter and bananas quickly pull.
    9. To organize setting and furnish with provisions. to distributed a desk
    10. (intransitive, terminology) To open up a person’s legs. [from 20th h.]

    1. The action of distributing or something like that that’s been distribute.
    2. An expanse of terrain.
    3. A large region of terrain accustomed to raise animals a livestock farm.
    4. Some materials used being a protect (for instance a bedspread).
    5. A substantial dinner, specifically one particular presented with a desk.
    6. (breads, and many others.) Any kind of food designed to be distribute including butters or jellies
    7. Something within a magazine or newspaper that takes up several order or page.
    8. A numericaldifference.
    9. (organization, immediate and ongoing expenses) The difference relating to the wholesale and retail store rates.
    10. (buying and selling, overall costs, financial) The difference among the price of a futures trading 30 days and the buying price of an additional 30 days of the asset.
    11. (trading, finance) Ordering a futures commitment of 1 shipping calendar month contrary to the sale made of one other commodities shipping 30 days of the asset.
    12. (investing, financing) The purchase of 1 delivery month of just one asset from the sale made of these very same shipping month of the diverse product.
    13. (investing) An arbitrage financial transaction the exact same commodity in two areas, accomplished to benefit from money from value inacucuracy.
    14. (investing) The real difference in between highest taker and asking price.
    15. (fund) The difference between your costs of two comparable goods.
    16. (geometry) An unlimited area of discontinuouspoints.

    From M >spreden, from Previous English sprdan (“to distributed, increase”), from Proto-Germanic 1 .spra >1 .(azines)per- (“to strew, your seeds, mix”). Cognate with Western Frisian spriede (“to distributed”), Upper Frisian spriedjen (“to distribute”), Nederlander spre >spreden (“to distribute”), In german spreiten (“to distribute, disseminate”), Norwegian spre >spreie (“to spread, disseminate”), Remedial sprida (“to distribute”).


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